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Dr. Lambert accesses the MarrowComp page in the Medical Index and Information Guide in "The Code".

The on-line Main Resource of Medical Technology and Total Diagnostic Services provides a Medical Index and Information Guide with pages for various medical products. In "The Code", Dr. Natalie Lambert accesses the page for the product Marrow-Composite ("MarrowComp"), which she suspects may be implicated in several recent deaths.

The Marrow-Composite page has a double header: first (in large outline capitals) is the name, "Main Resource of Medical Technology and Total Diagnostic Services"; underneath (in slightly smaller solid capitals) is "Medical Index and Information Guide". Both titles are underlined. The implication is that these headers appear on all pages in the index.

The rest of the page is in a typeface font, such as Courier, and is laid out like a page from a typed report or letter. On the right side at the top are the date and time. Below this are two sections, the first of which provides a description of the product, and the second its use in the treatment of melanoma. The first section is reproduced in full on screen, the second only in part.

On-Screen TextEdit

This is the text of the Marrow-Comp page in the Medical Index and Information Guide:


October 14, 1994             8:55p.m. (sic)


A synthetic bone and cartilage material used extensively since 1983. The first step in antisense drug treatment is to remove the diseased bone marrow cells and administer the antisense drug. If the medication were injected directly into the bloodstream, it would be too diluted to be effective. Diseased cells are gray in color, healthy cells are blue.

Healthy bone marrow cells, by contrast, multiply in the culture. While the cells undergo the antisense treatment, the patient's remaining bone cells are killed with radiation and chemotherapy.

Melanoma Therapy

Synthetic fat particles combine with modified DNA to for (sic) liposomes. The DNA contains a gene that codes for an antigen, whih (sic) ca (sic) activate the recipient's immune system. The liposomes are then injected into the patient's malignant melanoma.

The presence of the foreign protein identifies tumor cells to the immune system.

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