Author Amy R.
Date 5 January 2011, 20 March 2011
Where posted Fandom Stocking (Jan),
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Ficathons, Last Knight story
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Some time after the events of "Last Knight", Natalie feels compelled to move on.


Written for Andveryginger in the 2010/2011 Fandom Stocking game on LiveJournal. (On her wish list, she wrote that she likes N&N and "mild-to-moderate angst with decent resolution.")

Author's NotesEdit

  • "This piece diverges from canon at "Last Knight," where Nick, at Natalie's insistence, makes the mistake of biting her."


  • "How many times did you almost leave, when you were the vampire and I was one-hundred-percent human? Maybe I get it now. Maybe it's instinct."

See AlsoEdit

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