Metropolitan Police in Forever Knight referred to the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force, which covered the city of Toronto and most of the adjoining communities from 1957 until Nover of 1995.

In November 1995, the agency was renamed the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service. In 1998, the name again changed to the Toronto Police Service'. However, on Forever Knight, the police service continued to be called the Metropolitan Police.

On Forever Knight, the term precinct was used to identify the police headquarters and unit buildings throughout the city - but the Toronto Police Service uses the term 'division'.

The Toronto Police Serviceis divided into 2 field areas and 17 divisions (police stations or precincts):

Central Field Command encompasses the central portion of the City of Toronto.

11 Division, 209 Mavety St. 12 Division, 200 Trethewey Dr. 13 Division, 1435 Eglinton Av. W. 14 Division, 150 Harrison St. 51 Division, 51 Parliament St. 52 Division, 255 Dundas St. W. 53 Division, 75 Eglinton Av. W. 54 Division, 41 Cranfield Rd. 55 Division, 101 Coxwell Avenue.

Area Command encompasses the former Cities of North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke. It also includes portions of the cities of Toronto and York, and the Borough of East York (excluding Leaside).

22 Division, 3699 Bloor St. W 23 Division, 5230 Finch Ave. West 31 Division, 40 Norfinch Dr. 32 Division, 30 Ellerslie Av. 33 Division, 50 Upjohn Rd. 41 Division, 2222 Eglinton Av. E. 42 Division, 242 Milner Av. E. 43 Division 4331 Lawrence Ave. E near Morningside Avenue

In the pilot, Nick is assigned to the fictional 27th Precinct.

For the second and third season of Forever Knight, Nick served as a detective at the fictional 96th Precinct police station. Based on Tracy's directions to Vachon in Black Buddha Pt. 1, this is usually taken to be located near the intersection of Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto.

The Toronto Police museum and discovery center on 40 College Street was often included as a stop during Forever Knight fan pilgrimages to Toronto. The police gift shop sold t-shirts, sweatshirts, office items, toys, keychains, etc. emblazoned with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force logo. Many of these items were donated to charity auctions, where cast members would sign them and auction them for charity. There were times when police items were signed by only by cast members aligned with the police force. One item was a Toronto Metro Police shirt signed by the 96th precinct cast - Geraint Wyn Davies, John Kapelos and Natsuko Ohama.

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