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Metropolitan Police Circular about Christopher Scheer.

Metropolitan Police Circulars are informational sheets about criminals that are sent out to the various divisions of the Metropolitan Police in Toronto to assist them in identification. In the Season Three episode "Trophy Girl", Capt. Joe Reese and Det. Nick Knight consult the Metropolitan Police Circular for Christopher Scheer, a convicted serial killer whose treatment of his victims resembles the modus operandi of the murderer in Nick's current case.

After examining the circular, Nick decides to go to the prison where Scheer is being held in order to consult him about his motivation in the hope that this will provide some elucidation of the reasons for the current murders.

Information in the Circular on ScheerEdit

The Metropolitan Police Circular on Christopher Scheer is a single sheet of paper containing information on his appearance and criminal behaviour. The page is headed with the seal of the police force in the upper left, and the title "Metropolitan Police Circular" followed by a space for the identifying case number for Scheer, which appears to be 04-83.

Under this is the main identifying information.

  • First line:
    • DATE: 21 June 19--[1]
  • Second line:
    • UNIT: 4 District CI#

Below this, occupying most of the page, is the detailed information about Scheer, which is positioned inside a curved-cornered box.

  • On the left side of the box is a photograph of Scheer: this is a typical police mug shot, in which Scheer is photographed holding an identification number: GW - P 9821405
    • Under the photograph is Scheer's name, surname first, in bold capital letters.
    • Under this is his nickname, "The Mortician", in smaller boldface italics.
  • On the right side of the box is typescript, divided under three headings:
    • DESCRIPTION OF SUSPECT: Male white, early 40's, 183 cm (6'), 86 kg (189 lbs.), short brown hair, brown eyes, no visible scars or birthmarks.
    • WEARING: white shirt, navy suit jacket and pants, no tie.
    • WEAPON: carries a pocket knife at all times and used it in the abduction of his victims; also used —— (rest is illegible).
  • Below the photograph and description is another section of smaller print running the full width of the box. (This section is illegible.)


  1. The final digits of the date of the circular are off-screen.

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