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In Killer Instinct, Schanke wore his pyjamas to work.

Nowhere is Don Schanke's desire to ingratiate himself with his superiors more apparent than in "Killer Instinct" when he dashed into work so fast that he was still wearing his moose pyjamas.

At the beginning of Season Two, Don Schanke and his partner, Nick Knight had only just been transferred to the 96th Precinct police station. Schanke was desperate to impress their new commanding officer, Captain Cohen—so much so that, when a fresh murder case was reported on the radio on his day off, he threw a coat on over his pyjamas and drove over to the scene of the crime. Cohen was not particularly amused; and Nick jokily asked what the animals on the pyjamas were supposed to be. Schanke, who was rather proud of his natty bed garb, insisted that they were moose.

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