Myra Schanke
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Myra is told by Nick of her husband's death (from "Black Buddha, Part One").
Family Don Schanke (husband)
Jenny Schanke (daughter)
Fan Factions Myras

Myra is the wife of Det. Don Schanke, who is Nick Knight's partner in the first two seasons of Forever Knight. Myra and Don have been married for about ten years—and, although Don clearly loves his wife dearly, her penchant for romantic holidays and fad hobbies sometimes wears on him.

Myra does not appear to have a job outside the home. The only mention of her employment status comes from her husband, when he tells Nick "Two years running, Myra Schanke has been Skin Pretty saleslady of the year. Toronto region."[1] The Skin Pretty company is likely a direct marketing company using the party plan method of sales similar to Avon Products or Tupperware, which allows its sales associates to base their work out of their home.


Although mentioned throughout seasons one and two repeatedly, Myra's only actual appearance is in "Black Buddha, Part One" when Nick calls at her house to tell her of her husband's death.

Fan ActivitiesEdit


The faction for fans affiliated with Myra Schanke is known as the Myras.

Fan FictionEdit

In fan fiction, Myra is often mentioned in passing association with her husband. The following are stories that feature her more prominently:


  1. False Witness

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