"Nana Tash"
Tn don 309crop
Natalie's grandmother's ghost in "Dead of Night".
Family Natalie Lambert - granddaughter
Richard Lambert - grandson (deceased)
Amy Lambert - great-granddaughter
Portrayed By Corinne Conley

The ghost of "Nana Tash", Natalie Lambert's deceased grandmother, was played by actress Corinne Conley in the Season Three episode, "Dead of Night", the only one in which the character appeared.

"Nana Tash" (that is, Grandma Tash) is what Natalie calls her grandmother, whose name also was Natalie (or possibly Natalia). Whether the relationship is on the mother's or father's side is unclear; and we do not know her surname. However, as Nana Tash's ghost calls Natalie "Natascha", it would seem that she came originally from somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Natalie's grandmother hit her when she was a child. Resenting this, Natalie refused to visit her in the hospital when she was dying. It seems to have been her guilt about this that leads her to see her grandmother's ghost at Kessel House.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Natalie's grandmother among their characters.

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