Tn Natalies Bed and Breakfast

The title logo for Natalie's Bed and Breakfast, the Natpacker faction site.

Tn NataliesBed&Breakfast index

Screen capture of the index page of Natalie's Bed and Breakfast.

Natalie's Bed and Breakfast was the NatPacker faction site, originally located at, and now archived.

The site appears last to have been updated 22 July 1999.

Site DesignEdit

The pages of the site all shared a common background tile, with a white caduceus on a solid pale blue ground.


The site included the following:

  • Archive of screen captures of Natalie Lambert.
  • A collage of pictures of Natalie.
  • The NatPack Institute
  • Excerpts of the NatPackers' War adventures:
    • Wars One to Four (link to
    • Wars Five to Eight (at
    • War Nine
    • War Ten (permission slips)

The NatPack InstituteEdit

The NatPack Institute page provides the following comic curriculum for would-be faction members:

In order to be most assuredly Natpack, one must successfully complete all levels of induction, with grace and ease, including ...

Nick Bashing 301
Games of Gopher for the Motivated
The Zen of Trading Cards
Worship in the Cult of Skinner
Forensic Science Appreciation
General Autopsy 101
Picking the Wrong Guy Every Time
NatPack vs. NatPack
Introduction to Bouncing

One must also fail with resounding thoroughness, the following:

20/20 Vision for the Future
Vampire Envy 101
Introduction to Self-Preservation
Advanced Self-Preservation
Healthy Lungs, Happy Lungs

Site HistoryEdit

The NatPack faction site is first mentioned on links pages[1] at the address; but there is no copy of this version on the Wayback Machine.

The site is first archived at the address (Wayback Machine copy), with minor variations over its existence.

In 2013, the site was restored and placed in the Forever Knight Website Archive. At the request of the faction, the pages for the birthday list and war bios were removed to protect NatPack members who had left fandom. The pages for conference photos were also removed, since none of the photos had been preserved. This version can be found here.

Wayback Machine copyEdit


  • most of the screen captures are in the archive, but not all.
  • the links to the external War sites still work (leading to archived versions of those sites).
  • most of the individual war episodes are in the archive, but not all.
  • the pages of convention photos are missing.
  • latest archive date: 11 Aug 2002


  1. This is the address given in the archived Many Bytes of Forever Knight page.

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