Tn otl 391

Nick found Natalie's notebook in her desk at work.

Probably from the time she started to investigate Nick's condition, Dr. Natalie Lambert has used a lab notebook to keep notes of her observations and experiments. It seems to be properly bound with a hard black cloth cover.

In "Only the Lonely", while Natalie was off on her date with Roger Jameson, Nick came to her office at the morgue. He sat at her desk to look at notes on the homicide case he was working; but then he succumbed to the temptation to take the notebook out of the drawer of her desk. He had a quick look at it; and two pairs of facing pages were seen on camera.

Tn otl 392
Tn otl 393

The pages include diagrams, including two of sections of organic molecules. However, only one page is seen in sufficiently clarity to be read. It says:

Simulates blood plasma. Aug 4/1991. Nick was unable to digest. Note: try increasing synthetic lipids."

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