Focus Janette died in "The Human Factor"
Status disbanded
Dates 1996
Founder Amy R.
Nevermores icon03
Faction icon for the Nevermores, created by Greer Watson in 2013.

For a list of members of this faction, please see Category:Nevermores.

The Nevermores were a short-lived faction of Forever Knight fans who believed that Nick Knight didn't bring Janette back across at the end of the Season Three episode, "The Human Factor".

Faction HistoryEdit

When "The Human Factor" first aired in 1996, its final scenes were widely interpreted to mean that Janette had died. This was not universal, resulting in some controversy on list; and the term "Nevermores" (referencing Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "The Raven") was coined to refer to those fans who did consider that the evidence supported her death.

Amy R. enthusiastically "seized and ran" with the name,[1] turning it into an actual affiliation. One other fan also started to use the name in that way.

The existence of a Nevermores faction was immediately controversial. Quite a few fans did not appreciate Janette's death being celebrated (as they saw it). Not surprisingly, the Ravenettes, who were affiliated with the character, were particularly affronted. In Amy R.'s words, they took the Nevermores as "a brutal personal attack".[2]

To complicate the issue, fans on list who had contacts among the production staff learned that it had, in fact, been intended for the final scenes of "The Human Factor" to convey obliquely that Janette had survived being shot because Nick Knight had brought her back across.

In these circumstances, the two Nevermores decided to disavow the affiliation, with apologies to those who had felt offended by its creation.

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  1. The phrase "[...] I did seize it and run with it" was used by Amy R. (writing under the username Brightknightie) in a comment she made to an entry on Greer Watson's Dreamwidth journal.[1] Her role as founder of the faction is corroborated by Meredith's Affiliation FAQ[2] of 15 May 1996.
  2. Amy R. (writing under the username Brightknightie) in a comment she made to entry on Greer Watson's Dreamwidth journal.[3]

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