Nick's mother
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Nick's mother in Be My Valentine
Born latter part of 12th century
Family husband (name unknown)
Nicolas de Brabant (son)
Fleur de Brabant (daughter)
Portrayed By Nonnie Griffin

Nicolas de Brabant's mother lived back in the thirteenth century when he was mortal. She was a well-dressed, well-coiffed woman, elderly in appearance—though, given the period, this is not necessarily an accurate gauge of her age in years.

On his way home from the Crusades, Nicolas de Brabant passed through France; and, in Paris, he encountered a pair of vampires and was brought across. Some time shortly after that, he briefly returned to Brabant to see his family.

He was greeted with delight by his mother and sister Fleur; but, of course, he could only stay for a short time, since he dared not betray his new nature, and had to leave again with his new vampire family, Lucien LaCroix and Janette DuCharme.

There is no evidence that Nick's mother ever knew that her son had become a vampire.


It was never established how many children she had, nor (given medieval mortality rates) how many survived to the time of Be My Valentine. We do know that she had at least two children, Nick and Fleur. Nick's father was presumably her husband. She was widowed while Nick was on crusade.

Series InformationEdit

Nick's mother was portrayed by Nonnie Griffin. The character appeared in only one episode, Be My Valentine.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Nick's mother among their characters.

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