Down the centuries, Nick Knight's attitude to his vampire condition has been ambivalent. Even immediately after being brought across by LaCroix, he wanted to return to mortality (as indicated in their conversation in the flashback in "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter"). On the whole, though, Nick was reasonably satisfied with his life as a vampire during the Middle Ages.

By the late Renaissance, however, there were increasingly frequent occasions of empathy with humans. By the nineteenth century, Nick had vowed only to prey on those who were guilty of wrongdoing. Eventually, he decided to live only on animal blood.

Through most of the twentieth century, Nick has been the vampiric equivalent of a vegetarian, eschewing not only the hunt and the kill, but even avoiding bottled human blood.

In the past couple of centuries, Nick has made numerous attempts to reverse his condition and return to a human state. Tellingly, this is usually referred to as "finding a cure", as if vampirism is seen by him as a disease. Most early attempts involved the search for a supernatural cure; but Nick has also enlisted human medical practitioners an scientists.

Supernatural CuresEdit

Medical and Scientific CuresEdit

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