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Nick and LaCroix in the episode Ashes to Ashes

Nick and LaCroix is a Forever Knight pairing featuring Nick Knight and Lucien LaCroix, portrayed by Geraint Wyn Davies and Nigel Bennett. Fans of this pairing formed two factions. The first was called Cousins of the Knight in reference to the familial relationship between the two characters. The second faction is steadfastly referred to by its members as the Unnamed Faction in deference to the concept of a loving, sexual relationship that some in society might find "unspeakable."

Fan FictionEdit

See Category:Nick/LaCroix fan fiction and Category:Nick & LaCroix fan fiction.

Fan CommentsEdit

What it was in Nick that attracted LaCroix and made him decide to bring Nick across as an eternity-long companion? -- LC Fenster, FKSPOILR, 1 May 1996

IMHO, [...] Lacroix is bisexual and is also attracted to a complementary personality. Nick fits this description. I also think that Lacroix *REALLY* doesn't want Nick to do his bidding, for then he would cease to be a challenge.

I think Lacroix has the guy mentality of "I want what I can't have, and if I can have it, I really don't want it anymore". If Nick were to succumb to Lacroix' temptations, he wouldn't amuse Lacroix anymore. Lacroix loves Nicholas' goodness, generosity and angst. It's the fuel that stokes the fire, so to speak. -- Tanya Smith, FKSPOILR, 1 May 1996

At first I believed he was merely indulging Janette. In "Near Death" while she's waiting for him to come back she's looking down at him like she could devour him right there and says "Oh, I WANT him!!" so I'm assuming that's probably what prompted it. Then I felt that once he had seen Nick, saw what he was, that light that was in him - that not only would it be a great coup to bring across a Crusader for God, but someone with some spirit who might make the eternal trip interesting. And then he began to love him as his son, his companion, his friend. And to have him turn against everything they'd shared together, the gift he gave him, his affection for him just blew him away. I actually feel for LaCroix quite often, and feel for Nick as well in this situation because everyone makes fun of his "brickishness" when it comes to opening up about his feelings for Nat, how about for LaCroix? He knows deep down he can't discount the relationship they had together before, the love he must feel - but he's caught between what he feels is right and wrong and he is denying what he is but also what he needs on one side, and trying to be regain what he isn't and still denying what he needs on the other. -- Dotti Rhodes, FKSPOILR, 1 May 1996

The big trait I've always thought LC was searching for in Nick and Janette was the essential adaptability that has allowed them to move through the centuries psychologically intact. [...] -- Amy R., FKSPOILR, 1 May 1996

I don't believe that LC added to his "family" in order to simply indulging sic Janette though I am sure that the fact that she is pleased at the choice made the whole plan more easily accomplished. I think LC was looking about for a son. What Roman worth his salt, didn't have a son after all :-) But we end up in the same place - why Nick?

Ok, this is where the Deb-babble starts and I start assuming things:

So why Nick? Because he was a Crusader? Maybe, but there were tons of them about at the time so why this one? Perhaps it needed to be a particular kind of Crusader. One who is not necessarily there to serve God and who isn't filled with an overwhemling [sic] religious purpose. Someone like that might very well welcome a chance to "walk into the light" (Near Death) Nick was there as a result of a punishment (QofH), not a deep desire to serve God and country. And furthermore it was a punishment for a crime he didn't commit so doubts about the fairness of the world and justice in general were probably not unknown to Nick. So there you have Nick, young, disillusioned. Willing to try different things - after all, he left home to go and find adventure so he isn't timid or fearful. Timid and fearful would be less than stellar qualities in a vampire.

Still, a young, brave slightly disillusioned Crusader couldn't have been all that difficult to find. Perhaps it needed to be one with a darker side. Not necessarily an obvious darker side (because after all, if you're LC and you've seen all sorts of things in over a 1000 years you want something to keep it interesting and where is the challenge in mentoring someone all too ready to leap into fray.) Nick can be dark, the potential must have been there at least enough for LC to see and to reach out to. Nick has done some outstandingly awful things for what seemed to be the fun of the thing - the kidnapping of the Dauphin (Blood Money) comes to mind.

So that all is a long way of saying that I don't know why LC would pick Nick becasue [sic] we didn't se [sic] very much of Nick in his pre-vamp days or here [sic] LC explain what he looks for in a fledgling and that all I can do is guess that Nick was in a state to be receptive to what LC had to offer and LC saw that and played upon it. -- Deborah Menikoff, FKSPOILR, 1 May 1996

Young, blond, good bod.

LC has got to have been as tired as i am of dark-browed, night-wandering mortals with black insides and wicked habits - the ones who have the piercing look down and everything. A fun experiment for LC might have been to bring over a virtuous golden boy (or one who tries to be virtuous and good) and see him struggle with, whoopee!, damnation. i mean, look at that face. That's not Enrico with a rose gritted between his teeth, enticing you into his casbah (err, casbah? Ckazbaw? Katzenberg?) with a cocked eyebrow. This is Nicky who'll always look 5 to me. This might not have been what was going on in LC and Janette's minds at the time (see above: "Young, blond, good bod... Wrap the boy up. We'll take him.") but it's a bonus LC probably enjoyed later. -- Name Withheld, FKSPOILR, 1 May 1996

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