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Nick has a publicity photograph of the Nightcrawler in his desk at work.

While in Toronto, Lucien LaCroix works at CERK Radio as a late-night radio host under the name "the Nightcrawler". As with most such entertainment figures, he has publicity photographs, which he signs to his fans.

In Close Call, when Schanke got curious about Nick's odd behaviour, he went to the Raven to see if he could find out something from Janette. Since she wasn't around, he started searching the back room, where (among other things) he discovered one of the Nightcrawler publicity photographs. His suspicions were further aroused when he found another of them in Nick's desk, and realized that all three people appeared in a photograph together in Victorian garb. However, when he went to CERK and confronted LaCroix, the vampire influenced him into dropping the investigation.

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