Oleg Petrashenko
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Oleg Petrashenko (from "Beyond the Law").
Portrayed By David Calderisi

The role of Oleg Petrashenko is played by David Calderisi in the Season Two episode "Beyond the Law".

He is a politician who gave up the presidency of Kazakhstan for unspecified reasons in order to become Kazakhstani ambassador to Canada.

Nick and Schanke attempt to interview Petrashenko about a series of murders of women, but he is uncooperative and hostile, demanding that they leave the embassy. He later has the RCMP take Nick and Schanke off the case.

Becoming ever more convinced that Petrashenko is the murderer, Nick breaks into the embassy and arrests him. An eyewitness later tells Nick and Schanke that Petrashenko is not the culprit: although he resembles the man she saw, he is far older.

The mystery is resolved when it is revealed that the murderer is his son, Damir, whom he employs under an alias in order to conceal him from the Canadian authorities, and whose crimes he covers up using his political influence.

Petrashenko agrees to take Nick and Schanke to meet his son. He expresses his regret at having neglected his son for the sake of his political career. When Damir sees Nick and Schanke with guns drawn, he takes a woman hostage at gunpoint. Petrashenko pleads for him to give himself up peacefully and apologizes for his failings as a father. In the heat of the moment, the woman escapes, causing a shootout, and Petrashenko is shot. However, he survives.

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