Only the Lonely
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Broadcast Date  17 November 1992
Season  1
Broadcast Order  16th
Episode Number  17
Production Number  116
Writer  Susan Martin
Director  Michael Levine
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No one can help me. My immortality is a curse. A fall from grace. Evil is a metaphysical condition.
— Nick Knight, Only the Lonely


As Nick and Schanke hunt for a murderer who meets his victims through a dating service, Natalie runs into a fascinating man—apparently by accident—to Nick's chagrin. Yet, even as Natalie is all too aware that her 30th birthday is at hand, Nick dare not bring himself to tell her how he feels.

Guest CastEdit

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Detailed Story RecapEdit

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The staff give Natalie a birthday cake and present

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Natalie and Eddie lift onto the autopsy table the body bag that contains Nick's supposed corpse

Tn otl 138

Roger helps Natalie pick up her fallen groceries

Tn otl 186

Natalie and Grace ambush Schanke for a blood sample

Tn otl 199

Nick's supposed corpse

Tn otl 218

Nick desperately gulps down blood

Tn otl 234

Natalie goes for a nice lunch in the park with Roger

Tn otl 377

Roger shows Natalie into Humber Nurseries for their date

Tn otl 393crop

A page in the notebook in which Natalie keeps her records on Nick

Vampire LoreEdit

  • Vampires can regenerate from horrendous injuries. When they do so, their bodies resorb lost blood that has spilled in the immediate area.
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Wounds are repaired in a remarkably short space of time, with no visible mark or scar.

Tn otl 202

The pipe bomb explosion left Nick's body badly injured.

Tn otl 207

The damage spontaneously healed without a mark.

After regenerating from an injury, a vampire has a strong thirst for blood.

Fan FictionEdit


SCHANKE: "For crying out loud, if I had known.... I mean Myra lives for this stuff."

NATALIE: "Oh, no, help me! He's gonna sic Myra the Matchmaker on me. I'll end up married to his cousin in Moosejaw."

SCHANKE: "I would have saved you a piece; but I didn't think birthday cake was on that Spartan warrior, microbiotic diet of yours."

EDDIE: (re: Nick's body) "He was trying to stop a gang robbery. Someone tossed him a pipe bomb for his trouble. It's a real mess. At least there's not much of a face to look at."

NATALIE: (lays hand on Nick's cheek) "You're so cold."

NICK: "I'm dead."

NATALIE: "No, no you're not. You're not dead."

NICK: "I care about you, Nat. I really do. I just want you to be happy. Last night I realized something."

NATALIE: "What?"

NICK: "That if I'm not careful I'll get in the way of you and your happiness."

NATALIE: "Maybe I'm one of those people who they say can't be hypnotized. Or maybe I don't want to be."

NICK: "And you're not afraid?"

NATALIE: "Fear is based on ignorance. I'd rather try to understand. Understand who you are and what you are."

NICK: "Science won't help you to understand what I am or the hell of an existence I've locked myself into."

NATALIE: "What makes you think I can't help you?"

NICK: "'Help me?' Are you serious? No one can help me. My immortality is a curse. A fall from grace. Evil is a metaphysical condition."

NATALIE: "You're not evil. You ended up on my examining table because you tried to help people."

NICK: "And how on earth do you think you can help this 800 year old body. This incessant hunger for blood. This 'physical condition' of mine."

NATALIE: "I don't know...yet. But I am willing to try."

NICK: "And what's the reward for you, doctor? What can you possibly expect for in return?"

NATALIE: "Solving a puzzle is its own reward for me."

NICK: "Don't get too close to me."

NATALIE: "You want to hurt me, kill me."

NICK: "No—but I might anyway."


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title for this episode is "Einsame Herzen" ("Lonely Hearts").
  • Natalie and Roger's date and the episode's climax was filmed at Humber Nurseries Ltd. just outside of Toronto in Brampton.


Canadian ContentEdit


  • In the flashback, when Nick regenerates on the autopsy table, his clothes (which had been shredded in the explosion) are also repaired.

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