Tn Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight

Index page of the Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight website.

Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight (originally at was a Ravenettes faction site. It comprised the major part of Chanda Keith's website, though a small section had personal material.


The site is divided in focus between Janette DuCharme; the actress who portrayed her, Deborah Duchêne; and Janette's nightclub, the Raven, and its employees. It includes:

Site HistoryEdit

The site was created when Chanda Keith was a sophomore at university. It was first archived in January 1999, and remained essentially unchanged at least until August 2001, after which point it disappeared from the internet (except for the archived copies).

Archive LocationEdit

Archived on the Wayback Machine.

NOTE: The site is unusually complete for its date, though few if any of the sound captures have been archived. A few screen captures are missing, as are one or two sections of some of the longer multi-part stories.

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