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in "Blood Money", Paparazzi is the latest club craze.

In "Blood Money", Paparazzi is the new nightclub in Toronto. Popular with the rich and beautiful, its admissions policy is tight—so much so, indeed, that even police ID is insufficient to get Nick Knight into the club, requiring him to use hypnosis to gain entry.

Nick and his partner, Don Schanke are interested in Paparazzi because the chief suspect in the murder of Charles DuChamps, his son Sean, frequents the club.

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Paparazzi attracts the rich and beautiful to its dance floor.

The owner of Paparazzi, George Walken, not only offers the usual alcohol and dancing downstairs in the main room. There is also gambling at Paparazzi; and the stakes are high.
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George Walken is the owner of Paparazzi.

When Sean DuChamps is unable to meet his gambling debts, Walken takes firm measures to get his due: he murders Sean's father so that he will gain control of their company, Maison DuChamps; and he frames Sean for the murder, offering to clear his name only if Sean embezzles sufficient funds from the company to cover his debts.

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