Paradigm Shift
Author Linda Stoops & Andrea Brown
Genres Crossovers
Format fanzine

Story RecapEdit

Crossover with The X-Files.

"In the episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," Scully asks the supposed clairvoyant, "All right, how do I die?" After a long, silent staredown, he responds, "You don't." Authors Linda Stoops and Andrea Brown take this single line and run with it! How would the FBI agent cope with having been bitten by a vampire? Would she be able to deal with now being a creature of the night herself? Can Mulder help, or will it take the special skills of an older vampire, Nick Knight, to help her adjust to the paradigm shift her life has taken? In this intricate, intelligently woven story, with a hauntingly beautiful color cover by T.M. Alexander, Dana finds herself surrounded by people who won't give up on her, who astound her with their loyalty. All this and a case, too!"


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