Author Susan M. Garrett.
Date 1998
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Drama, Humor
Format Short Story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Janette decides that she needs a hobby.


This story was written in Sept. 1997 for publication in Deb Duchene's fan club newsletter. It was not posted on line until the following year.


Without giving a second thought to her mortal patrons--most of whom had left by now and the ones present at this hour were too besotted with their companions or too drunk to notice her impressive feat of strength--she lifted the weight with one hand and carried it over to the bar.

"Who--" she demanded, "belongs to this?"

Miklos glanced at her, barely blinked at the unusual sight of Janette, dressed to the nines--or undressed, as per the style of the times--and hefting a pair of lift weights like they were made of tissue paper.

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