Patrick McDonagh
Tn human 115crop2
Patrick McDonagh (from "The Human Factor").
Family Robert McDonagh (father)
Janette DuCharme (stepmother)
Peggy Bolger (aunt)
Portrayed By Galen Wyn Davies

Patrick McDonagh (briefly seen, by both himself and Janette, as being her stepson) appears in the Season Three episode "The Human Factor", the only one in which the character appears. The part is played by actor Galen Wyn Davies, son of Geraint Wyn Davies, the star of the series. Patrick is probably supposed to be about nine years old, Galen's age at that time.

Some time before the Season Three premiere, Black Buddha Pt. 2, Janette leaves Toronto for Montreal. When she is burned out of the place where she is staying, she is rescued by Patrick's father, Robert, who is an arson investigator. The two become romantically involved. However, Robert is murdered, and Patrick becomes Janette's ward.

Janette then comes to Toronto to seek out Robert's killers, bringing Patrick with her. She leaves him in the care of his aunt, Peggy Bolger, who lives in the nearby commuter suburb of Uxbridge.

Hit men are sent to collect the proof of their employer's guilt and, having tied up Peggy and Patrick and shot Janette, burn down the house in order to kill the witnesses and destroy any evidence. Patrick and his aunt are rescued by Nick Knight.

We do not know what happens to Patrick after the conclusion of "Human Factor", whether he remains with Janette or with his Aunt Peggy, or is taken into care.


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