Peggy Bolger
Tn human 115crop3
Peggy Bolger (in "The Human Factor".)
Family Patrick McDonagh (nephew)
Portrayed By Lucy Peacock

In The Human Factor, Janette brings her ward, Patrick, to Toronto—ostensibly to see his Uncle Nicholas (meaning Nick Knight). However, Janette's real intention is to hunt down and kill the murderer of her lover, Patrick's father Robert. Of course, she cannot take the boy with her while she does this, so she leaves him with his Aunt Peggy. (We don't know on what side of the family the relationship is.)

Peggy Bolger, who lives in the nearby commuter suburb of Uxbridge, takes in her nephew in good faith. However, Robert's death was engineered by an arson ring, and Janette has evidence about the person behind it. Hit men are sent to collect the proof of their employer's guilt. Having tied up Aunt Peggy and Patrick and shot Janette, they burn down the house in order to kill the witnesses and destroy any evidence.

Patrick and his aunt are rescued by Nick Knight. We do not know what comes of them after that.

Fan FictionEdit

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