Perchance to Dream: Ghost Song
Author Abby82
Date 8 May 2009
Rating/Warning R
Genres AU, Drama, romance
Format Short Story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Set in the world of "Curiouser and Curiouser": a series of scenes track backwards in the tangled story of Nick's marriage to Janette and his affair with his boss, Capt. Natalie Lambert.

Author's NotesEdit

A series of short scenes that take place in the "Curiouser and Curiouser" unreality; originally intended for "Twisting the Twilight Zone Challenge 2009" on LiveJournal but I got sidetracked.


He didn't just abandon his wife Nick assures himself, because to admit that is to make it true."


  • "Interesting view. However, I must say that I don't like Nick and Natalie at all in this alternate universe. Nicholas realy should have listened to Lacroix and rid himself of his guilt to prevent its festering that led to this odd universe and dear Janette being forsaken so badly." - comment by pj1228 on LJ[1]
    • "Agreed, they're not very nice people. Nick is cheating on his wife and Natalie dismisses him when he starts talking about vampires and it becomes obvious that she isn't gonna get laid. I worried about that for a while but it occurred to me, "Hey, that's fine."

      I've always been interested by the line in which LaCroix advises Nick that if he doesn't take care of his guilt, it'll come back with "more ferocity".

      Would it manifest itself as another crazy AU or is there something worse?" - reply by abby82
  • "As a companion piece to the ep, this fleshes out that AU just a little more and does it quite nicely (as we finally see the "other" Nick in that world, and therefore his own element, rather than "our" Nick flailing around like the proverbial fish-out-of-water). As a stand-alone? Nope, it doesn't get my vote. But that's simply my own bias talking, and has zilch to do with the skill in the storytelling." - comment by gnosticdiva on LJ

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