Tn blind 268
Family Jody Fraser (owner)
Brought Across 1995 (Toronto)
Vampires Made Jody Fraser
Fan Factions Woof Pack
Tn blind 304
Perry after he was brought across

Perry was the golden retriever who served as a guide dog of Jody Fraser, a blind woman who worked for the Toronto police force as a dispatcher in the Season Three episode "Blind Faith".

When Perry was bitten by a carouche and turned into a vampire, his mistress had no idea why his behavior suddenly changed. Because he wouldn't eat, nor go outside (at least during the day when the sun was out) she thought perhaps he was ill. However, Nick recognized what had happened to the dog, and gave him some blood to drink—which, of course, Jody didn't wonder at since she couldn't see what he poured in Perry's bowl.

Perry protected his mistress when she was being bothered on the bus; but, later that night, he got out of the house because—with his vampire senses—he heard the same man attacking a woman in the park. He went to her rescue, slaughtering the rapist.

When he then bit a police officer who spilled hot coffee on his mistress, it was decided that Perry would have to be put down. Nick took him away to stake him. But he got away, and went home. There, he bit his mistress and brought her over—thus curing her of multiple sclerosis and restoring her eyesight. They then left Toronto.