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For a list of the members of this faction, please see Category:Perryhounds.

The Perryhounds are fans of Perry, the vampire dog from the Season Three episode, "Blind Faith". The faction is also called the Perry-A.

Faction HistoryEdit

On 29 April 1996, in a post to FORKNI-L ("In Praise of Blind Faith"[1]), Christine Hawkins suggested that Perry deserved his own faction, possibly called the Perriers.

But Perry was the highlight of the episode for me. I was cheering him on when he attacked the rapist, and was appalled when Nick was going to stake him. I also thought that he made a much better vampire than *either* Nick or LaCroix - even if he was a dog and a carouche. Unlike Nick, he doesn't wallow in angst, and unlike LaCroix, he instinctively knows that his abilities are for survival and defence - not for getting his kicks by terrorizing people. He also seems to beat our famous duo in the bringing-across stakes - Nick messed up his first attempt at bring someone across (DoN) and Perry managed to bring Jody across in ten seconds while it took LC three episodes to bring across Nick. I think Perry deserves his own faction - the "Perriers" maybe? I'm open to suggestions.

This was promptly picked up by Tigon Diana Hooker and Nathanial Cook (the latter also endorsing the name. However, Dianne Therese De Sha pointed out that the Woofpack already existed.

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