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In his office, Capt. Stonetree keeps a photograph of himself with his friend, Insp. Tony Fiori.

One of Capt. Stonetree's close friends in the Metropolitan Police is Inspector Tony Fiori. Indeed, a framed photograph of Stonetree and Fiori is in his office. In the episode "Dead Issue", Fiori's wife, Lynn, is involved in a fatal shooting; and their friendship influences Stonetree to accept her version of events without close investigation. It is only the persistence of one of the detectives at the 27th Precinct police station, Nick Knight, that eventually uncovers the truth.

In the course of the episode, Stonetree looks at the photograph more than once. Initially, this serves as a visual reminder of the friendship that leads him to quash the investigation. Later, when it becomes clear to him that Fiori has been using their relationship to conceal his involvement in a crime, looking at the photograph marks Stonetree's disillusion and regret.

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