Father Pierre Rochefort
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Fr Pierre Rochefort in "For I Have Sinned"
Portrayed By Michael McManus
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Father Rochefort under interrogation.

Pierre Rochefort is a young Roman Catholic priest at St. John's Church in downtown Toronto. The character, played by actor Michael McManus, appears only in the Season One episode "For I Have Sinned".

Young and earnest, Rochefort always means well, but he is inexperienced. He's always pushing back that flopping hair.

When he suspects the identity of a serial killer, Rochefort is perplexed as to the correct course of action, since he learned the man's identity in the confessional. He takes advice from an older priest, who counsels him to keep silence. Even when taken in for questioning by the police, therefore, he refuses to tell them the name of the murderer.

Note on Father Rochefort's NameEdit

The name of this character is symbolically significant, even though both Pierre (Peter) and Rochefort are perfectly normal names when taken separately.

In French, the word la pierre means "stone", while "Rochefort" can be read as la roche forte, meaning "strong rock". Pierre Rochefort's name thus symbolizes his unwillingness to compromise the rules of his faith even in the context of the investigation of serial murders.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Fr Pierre Rochefort among their characters.

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