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A case of bottled blood from Point Pelee Estates.

Point Pelee Estates is the name marked on a case of bottled blood that Javier Vachon opens in "Blackwing".

Although there is no such winery as Point Pelee Estates, the name conjures up a very Canadian image by the use of the genuine name, Point Pelee. This is one of the wine-producing areas of the Province of Ontario. "Point Pelee Estates" is therefore an excellent name for a supposed winery. Indeed, it may perhaps even actually be a winery—that is to say, a fictional winery—but one that serves as cover for a blood-bottling business.

Point Pelee is the southernmost tip of Canada. It is a peninsula of land, mainly of marsh and woodland habitats, that juts into Lake Erie (one of the Great Lakes). Point Pelee has been a National Park since 1918. It is noted for its variety of birds and butterflies, being on a major north-south migration route.

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