Post-Mortality 1: For I Have Sinned
Author Name Withheld 2
Date 22 June 1995
Rating/Warning Category:PG-Rated Fan Fiction
Genres drama
Format novelette
Series Post-Mortality Series
Next Post-Mortality 2: Love You To Death
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Nick becomes human for an all-too-brief time, and then is mortally wounded on the job. Natalie makes the impossible choice, and LaCroix brings him over once again; but his voyage back to vampirism isn't pleasant -- for him, or for Natalie.



  • "I can still remember his face, when he stood in the daylight and stared into the light of the sun in utter fearlessness. The joy, the rapture etched into his expression. The laughter that bubbled forth, pure sound of delight, as he blinked the sun-dazzle from his newly mortal eyes, and swept me up into his arms."


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