Quantum Leap
Title logo for the Quantum Leap television series.
Format television series
Creator(s) Donald Bellisario
Company NBC
Run dates March 26, 1989 – May 5, 1993
Genres fantasy, action
Country of origin USA

List of crossover fiction.

Quantum Leap is an American television series created by Donald Bellisario. It starred Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a scientist who becomes lost in time following a botched experiment. Dean Stockwell co-starred as Al, Sam's womanizing, cigar smoking sidekick and best friend. He appeared to Sam as a hologram that only Sam and a select few others could see or hear. The series features a mix of comedy, drama, and melodrama, social commentary, nostalgia and science fiction, which won it a broad range of fans. It is particularly notable for the end of each episode, where Beckett leaps into his next persona (the story of the next episode), usually uttering "Oh boy!".

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on Quantum Leap.

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