Ranma ½
Cover of Ranma ½: Vol. 1.
Format manga, anime
Creator(s) Rumiko Takahashi
Company Fuji Television, Animax
Date released 1987–96 (manga), 1989-92 (anime)
Genres martial arts, romantic comedy
Country of origin Japan

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Ranma ½ (Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi with an anime adaptation. The protagonist is a sixteen-year old boy named Ranma Saotome who has been trained from early childhood in martial arts. As a result of an accident during a training journey, he falls into the cursed springs at Jusenkyo. As a result, he becomes a girl when splashed with cold water, but hot water will change him back into a boy.

Martial arts is the hero/heroine's life. Whenever his pride is damaged, Ranma will go to great lengths to rectify the situation. He can come across as petty, overconfident, insensitive and arrogant, as he is prone to cheat or give insults, often acts out of unthinking selfishness, and is a frequent braggart. However, much of this is caused by awkward immaturity.

Ranma ½ began publication in September 1987, appearing in Shōnen Sunday, following the ending of Takahashi's previous major work Urusei Yatsura. From September 1987 until March 1996, Ranma ½ was published on a near weekly basis with the occasional colorized page to spruce up the usually black and white manga stories. After nearly a decade of storylines, Ranma ½'s final chapter was published in Shōnen Sunday 1996, Volume 12. The series was later collected and released in a series of books. An English language version was published from 1993 to 2006.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on Ranma ½.

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