Raven Award 2000


Raven Award 2002

The Raven Awards were a competition for Forever Knight fan fiction, open to anyone. The forum was especially designed to encourage new writers. Winners were selected by a panel of judges.

Submission required membership in the Raven Awards Yahoo Group, to which the stories were posted. Stories could not have previously been posted elsewhere.

The Raven Awards were given out annually from 2000 to 2004, inclusive. The number of stories submitted was greatest in the first year, and notably smaller in the final year as interest petered out.

Website & Yahoo GroupEdit

The Raven Awards website is at It includes the rules, and guidelines for writers and judges. There is also a story archive that contains most of the stories that were submitted for consideration. In some instances, there is instead a link to the story on the author's website.

Stories were posted to the Raven Awards Yahoo Group at, which describes the Raven Awards as a competition "designed to give new, budding writers encouragement to post their fiction, and for seasoned writers to get back into the creative swing! And most of all to keep Forever Knight alive!".

Awards CategoriesEdit

There are 5 categories:

  • Primus - open category for PG - R13 stories
  • Adultus - open category for R18 stories only
  • Novus - restricted category for FIRST TIME writers. PG-R13 fiction
  • Novus Adultus - restricted category for FIRST TIME ADULT writers. R18
  • Poetica - all and any poetry (2003, 2004)







On 23 September 2004, Kylie Tucker notified the members of the Raven Awards Yahoo Group that she would not be hosting the awards that year.[1] They have not been run since.


  1. Post No. 1358 to the Raven Awards Yahoo Group

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