Comm. Richard Vetter
Family Tracy Vetter (daughter)
Barbara Vetter (wife)
Sonny Vetter (brother)

Richard Vetter is the father of Det. Tracy Vetter, Nick Knight's partner in Season Three. A career policeman, Vetter is now a member of the Metro Toronto Police Commission. He is an advocate of "old school" police methods, not averse to cutting corners to get the job done—nor to pulling strings on his daughter's behalf. In Avenging Angel, we learn that he and his wife are in the middle of getting a divorce.

Mentioned in the Following EpisodesEdit

Richard Vetter never appears on screen. His is, however, mentioned in several episodes:

  • In Outside the Lines, Capt. Reese confides in Nick that Commissioner Vetter has been interfering to stop IAD complaints against an undercover police officer, Bruce Spencer, because Spencer is Vetter's long-time protegé.
  • In Strings, Vetter arranges a transfer for his daughter to the Computer Crimes department, considering it to be a more prestigious job for her. However, Tracy eventually decides to defy him and request a transfer back to Homicide.
  • In Avenging Angel, his estranged wife, Barbara, who has been living out of town, comes to see her daughter, Tracy. She intimates that the real cause of the divorce is not her drinking, but the estrangement from her workaholic husband that led her to drink.

Fan FictionEdit

  • In FK4, Commissioner Vetter is a recurring mentioned character, never actually appearing in person (in imitation of Season Three). In "Broken Hearts" we learn that his family calls him "Dick"; in "Daddy's Girl", he uses his influence to get Tracy out of trouble.

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