Robert McDonagh
Tn human 164crop
Patrick McDonagh (from "The Human Factor").
Family Patrick McDonagh (son)
Janette DuCharme (lover)
Peggy Bolger (sister or sister-in-law)
Portrayed By David Keeley

Robert McDonagh was an arson investigator from Montreal—a widower, with a young son named Patrick. He appears in flashback scenes in the Season Three episode "The Human Factor", the only one in which the character appears. The part is played by actor David Keeley.

When Janette left Toronto for Montreal (some time before the Season Three premiere, Black Buddha Pt. 1), she stayed for a while in an abandoned building. It was set on fire; and she was rescued by Robert McDonagh.

They became close for some while, and Janette was considered almost a stepmother by Robert's son. It was some time before she dared to consider their becoming lovers. However, it turned out that, even though Janette was a vampire, she was able to restrain her lust for blood while biting him.

Robert was investigating the continuing string of fires. He suspected that one of his colleagues, Mario Larouche, was secretly an arsonist for hire. Larouche murdered him to cover this up.

Janette became Patrick's guardian. Nevertheless, she came to Toronto in search of LaRouche and his employer in order to get revenge for Robert's death.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that include Robert McDonagh among the characters.

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