Roger Jameson
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Roger Jameson meets Natalie in "Only the Lonely"
Portrayed By Barclay Hope

Roger Jameson (played by actor Barclay Hope) is a character who appeared only in the episode "Only the Lonely".

Natalie Lambert runs into Roger—literally—when coming out of a grocery store. The collision bumps his nose; and she lends him her scarf so that he can clean up the blood. As he helps her pick up her fallen shopping, they get chatting, and he tells her that he is a lawyer. They are interrupted by Nick Knight, who has tracked Natalie down to give her a bunch of flowers for her birthday. Roger is uncertain about the nature of her relationship with Nick; but Natalie's reaction reassures him that it is not romantic. In fact, she is sufficiently intrigued by their brief chat to give him her name and suggest he call her.

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Through a charming, seemingly innocent lunch date in the park, Roger Jameson woos his next victim.

Roger promptly invites her out for lunch, which, to her surprise, means a picnic in the park. This is followed by a lengthy stroll, during which he proves charming company. She skips work all afternoon. When Nick tries to call her at her office, he is told by her assistant, Grace Balthazar, that she has gone out.

After their date, Roger takes Natalie home.
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Natalie kisses Roger, just before they are interrupted by her phone.

Outside the door of her apartment, they kiss—only to be interrupted by her phone. It is Nick calling. When Natalie opens her door, she discovers that he is inside, in her living room. The two argue vehemently; and Roger decides that it would be prudent to leave.

The next day, Natalie needs another control sample for comparison with the DNA found on the victim in a serial rape/murder case that Nick is trying to solve. Rather than delay to find a volunteer, she hands her scarf over to Grace so that she can use Roger's blood for the tests.

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Natalie struggles to free herself when Roger becomes too pressing.

In the late afternoon, Roger takes Natalie out again. This time he surprises her with a long drive out to Humber Nurseries. Even though it is after hours, he has the key; and the two of them enjoy a romantic evening surrounded by the potted plants. However, Roger then presses Natalie to take their relationship further. This is much too fast for her liking; but, when she suggests that they take things more slowly, he loses his temper. As he becomes more aggressive, she is alarmed to see that his forearms are scratched, as if by someone trying to defend herself.

Meanwhile, back at the Coroners Building, Grace discovers that Roger's DNA from the scarf matches that of the serial rapist for whom Nick is hunting. She tells Nick, who flies to Natalie's rescue, arriving at the nursery just in time to save her from Roger.

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