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the main façade of the Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (often referred to as "the ROM") appeared in the series premiere "Dark Knight". Both exterior and interior scenes were shot on location.

The Royal Ontario Museum opened in 1914. At that time, the main entrance was on Bloor Street. However, a considerable expansion of the building was required; and, in 1933 a new wing facing Queen's Park was opened. It is notable for a stone frieze that runs the length of the building, depicting scenes related to science and history.

The establishing shot of the museum employed in "Dark Knight" is taken from an angle slightly to the northeast of the building, and shows this main façade.

The RotundaEdit

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the Rotunda of the Royal Ontario Museum

Most of the action within the museum takes place in and around the Rotunda, the circular atrium inside the entrance, noted for its mosaic ceiling.

Although the ceiling is not seen with great clarity in the episode, enough can be made out to recognize its splendour. The mosaic is made of over a million tiny squares of imported Venetian glass. It includes sixteen pictorial images intended to represent the cultures of the world throughout history.

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on the second floor of the Rotunda

Leading up to the second floor of the building is a staircase, winding around a large wooden totem pole. It is up this staircase that Nick goes at the beginning of Act One; and the corpse of the guard lies on the floor just near the head of the stairs.

Later, it is on the same second floor landing that he and Alyce almost have a romantic interlude—but are interrupted by another security guard just when Nick is feeling tempted to bite her.

The Museum TodayEdit

800px-Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum today, with the new extension.

At the time that Forever Knight was being filmed, the museum fronted on the west side of Queen's Park Crescent just south of the intersection with Bloor Street, with the main entrance to the museum midway along the building's façade. Today, this entrance is no longer used; and patrons enter through the new Michael Lee Chin Crystal extension on the Bloor Street side of the building.

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