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The Salisbury Club is an exclusive establishment in downtown Toronto.

In "Queen of Harps", Hugh DeLabarre stays at the exclusive Salisbury Club in downtown Toronto when he comes to Canada to purchase an ancient Welsh harp at auction. When the harp is stolen and the auctioneer murdered, Nick Knight and Don Schanke are assigned to investigate. Since it was DeLabarre who had made the highest bid, they decide to interview him.

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Nick and Schanke interview Hugh DeLabarre in his suite at the Salisbury Club.

Just getting into the Salisbury Club proves difficult. The desk clerk is initially very uncooperative, since they had no appointment. A little vampire hypnosis works wonders in getting them up to see DeLabarre; but he has little evidence to give them that seems of use.

As they left, Nick and Schanke discover a dark masked figure outside trying to burgle the Salisbury Club. This proves to be Johanna Shea, another prospective purchaser, who had tried and failed to buy the harp at the auction.

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