Sara Lambert
Tn iwr 036w-crop
Sara Lambert (from "I Will Repay").
Family Richard Lambert (husband)
Amy Lambert (daughter)
Natalie Lambert (sister-in-law)
Portrayed By Shelley Young

Sara Lambert, Natalie's sister-in-law, was played by actress Shelley Young in the Season One episode, "I Will Repay", the only one in which the character appeared. Sara's maiden name is not known.

At the beginning of the episode, Natalie's brother Richard is shot. Sara comes to visit her husband in hospital, bringing with her their daughter, Amy. A short while later, she is informed that her husband has died.

Only after the funeral is she told that Nick has actually brought Richard across at Natalie's insistence. Unfortunately, when Sara then comes to Nick's loft to see Richard again, his bloodlust proves impossible for him to restrain. Nick has to kill him.

Sara is then hypnotized to forget everything that had happened since the funeral.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction in which Sara Lambert appears among the characters.

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