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Schanke on the phone with his wife in Dying to Know You.

One of the canonical relationships in Forever Knight is the marriage between Nick's partner, Det. Don Schanke and his wife Myra. The two have a young daughter, Jenny.

During the two seasons of the show when Schanke was a main character, his wife was never actually seen on camera (and his daughter was seen only once, briefly and from behind). Their relationship was therefore familiar to the viewer only from Schanke's comments at work. These, however, occurred in most episodes—with the result that, even though many of the comments were brief, one could nevertheless sketch a highly subjective, one-sided picture of their marriage.

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Nick tells Myra about her husband's death

The relationship between Don and Myra was largely played for laughs. It was a running gag throughout the first two seasons that Schanke adored his wife, but looked at other women; that Myra longed for romance, but Schanke couldn't figure out what she needed from him; that she took up fads, and he would try to satisfy them, only to find her drifting to a new interest. Myra, on the other hand, worried about her husband's weight (and put him on a diet) and nagged him to give up smoking.

In the Season Three premiere, "Black Buddha Pt. 1". Schanke was killed by a bomb on an airplane. The first and only time that Myra appeared on camera came when Nick went to their house to break the news to her.

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