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A bottle of Scotch is placed on the seat of Skip's car.

In "Feeding the Beast", the first victim, Skip, leaves a meeting of the Twelve Step Program he has been attending, only to discover a bottle of Scotch on the seat of his car. As he is an alcoholic, he is both tempted and appalled; but he has little time to wonder how it got there. A mysterious figure shoots him, and then sets fire to the car.

The Label on the BottleEdit

The bottle has a small label around the neck, and a large label with a curved top around the body. It is not possible to make out what is on the small neck label.

  • Inside the curve of the top of the main label there is a shield—presumably purporting to be that of a Scottish clan.
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The label on the bottle of Scotch.

  • Below that, in the upper half of the label, there is a large banner across the label, giving the name of the brand. It is difficult to make out; but the first word is certainly "Clan". The second word begins "Ros—", followed by a letter that might be a stylized t or c. There appears to be a final letter in shadow.
  • In the middle of the label is a reddish oval shape, with two black-and-white rectangles, one on either side. Some design is in the oval; but it is not possible to make it out. Each of the rectangles appears to show the outline of a mountain, presumably from the Scottish highlands. These are light against dark, and each has a label in the light area, possibly the name of the mountain; but the lettering is too small to read.
  • Below that, in the lower half of the label, there is a stylized ribbon, curved to show three separate areas that display words—one left and one right (at the ends of the ribbon), and one beneath them (in the centre of the ribbon). The left side has the word "Blended", the right side "Scotch", and the centre section "Whiskey".

The spelling of the word "whiskey" on the label is significant, since genuine Scotch whisky made in Scotland is normally spelled as "whisky", i.e. without an e. The spelling with an e is Irish or American. This suggests that the bottle employed in the scene is one that may have been dressed up by the Property Department with a fake label.

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