Screed's Big Adventure
Author Libby Singleton
Rating/Warning NC-17
Genres humour
Format Short Story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

While taking a drunken Natalie home after the office party, Nick is accosted by Screed, who has been hunting in the sewers and wants to take a shower.



  • When he stopped for a light a few blocks from the hotel, a familiar figure began banging on the driver's window. "'Ey, Dicky Nicky! Just the ol' matie Ol' Screed's been lookin' for. I'm needin' a bit o' a scrub, an was wanting to borrow your shower. Not one for bathin' meself, but ol' LaCrow won't let me in."
            A stench of raw sewage nearly knocked Nick back when he rolled down the window. "Go use Vachon's, Screed."
            "Ain't got no agua, he don't. [ ... ]"

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