Seinfeld logo
Seinfeld logo.
Format television series
Creator(s) Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld
Company NBC
Date released 1989-98
Genres sit-com
Country of origin USA

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Seinfeld is an American television sitcom that aired on NBC for nine seasons from 5 July 1989 to 14 May 1998. The eponymous series was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, with the latter starring as a fictionalized version of himself. Although filmed mainly in Los Angeles, the show is set predominantly in an apartment block on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

The show's main characters and many secondary characters were modeled after Seinfeld's and David's real-life acquaintances. Jerry's apartment is the center of a world visited by his eccentric friends: in particular, George Costanza (Jason Alexander), his best friend, who is a dishonest, petty loser; Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), his ex-girlfriend, who is intelligent and assertive, but superficial; and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), his eccentric neighbour, who invents wacky money-making schemes. The show kept a strong sense of continuity—characters and plots from past episodes were frequently referenced or expanded upon. Occasionally, story arcs would span multiple episodes and even entire seasons.

Seinfeld stood out from the many family and group sitcoms of its time. None of the principal characters was related by blood or occupation, nor was there a central theme. Instead, many episodes of Seinfeld focused on the minutiae of daily living and coping with the petty injustices of life. The view presented in Seinfeld is arguably consistent with the philosophy of nihilism, the idea that life is pointless.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on Seinfeld.

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