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Seline in "A More Permanent Hell"
Family Divia (daughter)
Portrayed By Gina Wilkinson

Seline is played by actress Gina Wilkinson in the flashbacks in the Season Two episode, "A More Permanent Hell", the only episode in which the character appeared. In the script, she is described as the madam of what, from its appearance, would be a high-class brothel. (Note: this information does not actually make it explicitly into the episode as it was filmed, but may be inferred from the behaviour of the characters.) "Seline" may well be a professional alias.

Seline lives in Pompeii in the first century A.D. She is the mother of General Lucius (LaCroix)'s daughter Divia. In 79 A.D., the General returns from a successful campaign in Gaul to discover that his daughter has mysteriously changed—though all Seline will tell him is that she had been ill, and cured by an ancient healer. During the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, however, Divia reveals to him that the healer was actually a vampire who brought her across.[1] She, in turn, offers immortality to her father and turns him into a vampire.

The fate of Seline remains unknown. At no point did Divia say that she had offered the same rescue to her mother, who may have died in the eruption.


The spelling of Seline's name varies considerably in fan fiction and commentary, with many assuming that it is "Selene" (the more usual spelling of the name of the Greek goddess of the moon). However the end credits use "Seline".

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction in which Seline appears among the characters.


  1. In the Season 3 episode, "Ashes to Ashes" the name of the vampire who brought Divia across is revealed to be Qa'ra.

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