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the Singular Interests Introduction Service

In "Only the Lonely", a fictional dating agency called Singular Interests Introduction Service provides a lead in a serial murder case. One of the victims had been a client of the agency. Initially, it appears that this lead means nothing, since she has not had a date in six months. However, Nick Knight's partner, Don Schanke, discovers that both of the killer's earlier victims have also been clients of the agency.

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Inside the office at Singular Interests.

When they track down and arrest a former employee of Singular Interests, Nick uses hypnosis to persuade him to confess that, when he was fired from the dating agency, he stole a disk containing data on their clients. He later sold it to an nameless man in a white van with flowers painted on the side. This information is not directly useful; but it does serve as corroboration when the serial killer tries for another victim.

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