Sins of the Fathers
180px-Sins of the father forever knight
Front page of Sins of the Fathers (art by L.C. Wells).
Author T. Beaty
Date 1996
Format Novel
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Sins of the Fathers is a Forever Knight novella by T. Beaty. It was published with cover art by L.C. Wells.


Summary from publisher, "Set at the very beginning of second season, Schanke and Nick are working for Capt. Cohen, but Nick doesn't know Lacroix is back yet. An Enforcer with a past grudge against Lacroix and his children comes to Toronto looking for Nick."

Editor's NotesEdit

This fanzine was published in 1996 and was 94 pages long. It went out of print in June 2001.


  • 1996 - Sins of the Fathers, 94 pages

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