Author Dorothy Elggren
Date 24 December 1996
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Challenges, Christmas story
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Out in a snow storm fetching a Christmas tree for Natalie, Nick recalls assisting a woman in childbirth in another storm in 1830.


Set immediately after the flashback in Let No Man Tear Asunder".

Author's NotesEdit

  • "In the true spirit of Christmas, no character was allowed to remain depressed during the writing of this story; no one was shot, maimed or injured, though, alas, some peripheral characters bought it prior to the start of the story. :) "


  • "Slowly he reached out a hand, holding up his palm to catch a crystal. He cupped his hand slightly and brought it closer to look at the gentle flake. Its uniqueness amazed him--it always did. He loved watching snow fall. Within the silence, he felt at peace, as if he, too, were cleansed and made new and without blemish."
  • "Nick stared into her green eyes, ringed with deep circles, taking in her ruddy cheeks, standing out starkly against the pallor of her skin. He cast his eyes down her body, at her swollen belly and bedraggled, sodden clothes. The coppery scent of fresh blood hit him abruptly, and he felt the surge of desire sweep through him like a raging blast furnace. He shuddered and bit down on his tongue to control the instinctive desire to take her."

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