Spyder's Web
Front cover of Spyder's Web
(with the author's name removed)
Author Name Withheld 2
Date 1995
Format Novel
Archive Location


In what circumstances might LaCroix be considered an altruist?



  • He was dressed in black, an immaculate shadow against the dreary confines of the narrow, grimy space. He was very tall, and his skin was nearly as pale as the full moon overhead; his face looked as if it could be ruthlessly cruel or tenderly seductive, depending on his mood, and his eyes were bright and hard and cold as diamonds.

Editor's NotesEdit

Spyder's Web was a Forever Knight fanzine novel by Name Withheld 2. It was written in August 1995, and published "on Halloween" 1995. It was digest sized and 78 pages. The story was subsequently "exclusively posted" to in "special 'HTMLzine' format", its first appearance on the Internet.[1] It eventually also appeared on Name Withheld 2's personal website.


  • 1995 (Nov) - Spyder's Web, 78 pages.

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