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Sullivan's photographs proved that vampires exist.

When Nick Knight and his partner, Don Schanke were being shadowed by a news team in Unreality TV, the possibility of their catching him on camera reminded Nick strongly of something that occurred during the American Civil War. At that time, Nick was with the Union Army as a doctor. A photographer named Sullivan, who had been documenting the war, took several pictures after one of the battles in which injured soldiers on the field were being preyed upon by a vampire. When he showed him the photographs, Nick recognized LaCroix.

Nick tried to hypnotize Sullivan into forgetting what he had seen; but, every time the photographer looked down at the prints in his hand, the effect of the hypnosis faded. LaCroix was deeply worried—and rightly so, since a pair of Enforcers turned up at the camp. They killed Sullivan and destroyed all his equipment in order to preserve the secret of vampires' existence.

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