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Natalie holding Sydney in Season One's "Only the Lonely".
Family Natalie Lambert (owner)
Fan Factions FoSiLs

Sydney (or "Sydney Lambert") is Natalie Lambert's cat. Though presumably around off scene, he actually only appeared in one episode, Season One's "Only the Lonely".

Sydney is a grey cat with white markings, belonging to no particular breed. According to Natalie, he has destructive tendencies when ignored for too long—unless, of course, this is just her excuse to get away from someone she has just met.


Although the name of Natalie's cat is often written "Sidney", he was apparently named after the actor, Sydney Greenstreet. So the name should properly be spelled with two "y"s.

Fan ActivitiesEdit


Fans of Sydney are known as FoSiLs (Friends of Sidney Lambert).

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Sydney among their characters.

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