Several fan-produced t-shirts have been created celebrating the Forever Knight series.

CERK RadioEdit

The CERK Radio t-shirt displays the CERK logo on the front. The back of the shirt reads "Nightwatch, with the Nightcrawler...For those who don't sleep...but still dream...".

At one time this was available from Ron the Enforcer for $15 (S&H included) for all sizes up to 2xl. $18 for 3xl and above.[1]


CERK Radio, fan t-shirt (front)


CERK Radio, fan t-shirt (back)


The FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU email list members created t-shirts displaying the list address on the front and the original factions of the list members on the back, including checkboxes with which the t-shirt owners could mark their allegiances. The t-shirts were also created in grey. The same design was available on a sweatshirt.

Forkni-l tshirtFront

FORKNI-L t-shirt (front)

Forkni-l tshirtBack

FORKNI-L t-shirt (back)


  1. Sales information comes from Forever Knight Fan Merchandise (archived).

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